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As Wout van Aert: Eli Iserbyt performs in a solo show in France |  cyclocross world cup 2021

As Wout van Aert: Eli Iserbyt performs in a solo show in France | cyclocross world cup 2021

World Cup leader Eli Eserbet (Pauls Suzanne Bingwal) organized a demonstration at the penultimate race. In Flamanville he was master and master. Ton Airts finished second on the castle grounds in France, about a minute ahead of the winner.

Iserbyt performs single rendering after Aerts . error

In the absence of the great tenors, Eli Eserbet wanted his overall World Cup victory to give some extra sparkle. Together with his red brigade from Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal, the 24-year-old rider immediately took over.

With Van Kessel, Dubhau and Aertes, it was a leading group of 7. But when Aertes suddenly missed out on the third lap, Eserbet resolutely chose to go on the road.

The World Cup leader did not look back and steadily increased his lead to half a minute. There was no longer any doubt about the winner around Flamanville Castle.

Ayertz makes a mistake, but he stays straight

Tactical tire selection makes Aerts ‘better than the rest’

So soon there was nothing to be done at the front, but in the fight for second place, the contenders Aertes and Fantorenhout provided the necessary scene.

In the end, it was the drizzling rain that settled the argument in favor of Arts. The Telenet-Baloise Lions rider was firmer on the increasingly slippery surface with his hard mud tires and finished over a minute out of Iserbyt fourth.

Soik (4th) and Kohn (fifth) took the top five spots in France.

Iserbyt never got into trouble again in the hole and won in Flamanville

  1. 4:00 PM 8. Iserbyt never gets into trouble again in the slot and wins in Flamanville.

    Iserbyt never got into trouble again in the hole and won in Flamanville

  2. 4 pm 07. Isrbet bases in Flamanville! After playing an impressive solo, Eli Iserbyt crossed the line on his own. The World Cup winner overall dominated almost the entire match and could calmly take some time to celebrate. Toon Aerts wins the battle for second place at the expense of Michael Vanthourenhout. .
  3. 4 p.m. Aerts soon settles into second without incident. A great achievement that made the final in Hoogerheide very interesting for 2nd place in the standings. .
  4. 16 hours 01. The difference between Aertes and Fantorenhout is still 8 seconds. Can a Bowles Susan rider make the fight for second place more exciting? .
  5. 16 hours. The last round. Meanwhile, Eli Eserbet is preparing for the final round. Only bad luck can prevent our compatriot from winning. .
  6. 9 seconds for Aerts. Aerts has a 9sec bonus on Vanthourenhout right now. Laurens Sweeck is located a little further away. . 15 hours 59.
  7. 3 p.m. 57. Cyclo-Cross or F1? Aerts seems to be moving away from Vanthourenhout after all. The surface gets wetter due to rainfall, which means that the Aerts’ mud tires now provide greater grip. Smart tire choice for the Telenet-Baloise rider. .
  8. 15 hours 54. The fight between Aerts and Vanthourenhout is not only for second place in the race, but also for the standings. If a Telenet-Baloise rider crosses the line here after Iserbyt, the final race at Hoogerheide will be very exciting. .
  9. 15 hours 48. Aerts tries to release Vanthourenhout. It looks like Toon Aerts has found his second breath and is trying to put Vanthourenhout on a few lengths. Swik should fit perfectly again. .
  10. 15 hours 48. Meanwhile, Laurens Sweeck is trying to participate in the debate for second place. The gap in Aerts and Vanthourenhout is barely 3 seconds. .
  11. 15 hours 46. Corné van Kessel is currently in sixth place and is the last to fall behind Iserbyt within a minute. & nbsp; .
  12. Half a minute. Aerts and Vanthourenhout are already 30 seconds behind. There is simply no volume on Iserbyt today. & nbsp; . 15 hours 42.
  13. 3 p.m. 41. There seems to be no doubt about the winner. Iserbyt drives further and further away from the pursuers. Arts and Fantorenhout are still in a fierce battle for second place. .
  14. Iserbyt on her way to victory in Flamanville. 15 hours 38.
  15. 15 hours 38. After 4 rounds, Vanthourenhout is 20 seconds behind Iserbyt. Toon Aerts is still 6 seconds away. .
  16. 15 hours 35. Zwieper Aerts. Toon Airs is now stacking bugs. After bending, the Belgian swings his rear tire over the fence. The Telenet-Baloise rider escapes unscathed. .
  17. 15 hours 35. Aerez makes a mistake, but he stays the same.

    Ayertz makes a mistake, but he stays straight

  18. 3 p.m. 34. One man show. It looks like we’re preparing for a solo show because Iserbyt is only driving away from Aerts and Vanthourenhout. With a lead of 17 seconds, the WB leader has some margin of error. .
  19. 15 hours 31. 11 seconds. Things are going from bad to worse for the chasers, as Iserbyt’s progress continues to grow. The 11 second bonus is the verdict at the moment. .
  20. 15 hours 29. For the Aerts, the Iserbyt’s speed does not seem to be able to acclimatize and take turns at the speed. The bird seems to be flying, because the backlog doubles at the end of the day. 6 seconds. .
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