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Courtois stops the penalty kick in the Super Cup and helps Real with amazing statistics |  football spain

Courtois stops the penalty kick in the Super Cup and helps Real with amazing statistics | football spain

Real Madrid won the Spanish Super Cup. The victory over Athletic Bilbao was the 12th overall victory in Real Madrid’s last 13 games. And so there were some notable stats. In Saudi Arabia, Modric also proved not to be exhausted with a superb goal and Thibaut Courtois scored a penalty at the end. Eden Hazard did not play.

The Spanish Super Cup is played as a four-team tournament in Saudi Arabia. This formula will generate 300 million euros for the Spanish Federation over 10 years. For this money, spectators in Riyadh witnessed Real Madrid’s victory over Barcelona and Athletic against Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals.

In the final, Real Madrid was a very strong barometer for Athletic. Real Madrid’s dominance resulted in Modric winning 1-0 in the first half. The Croatian hit the ball superbly into the top corner from inside the penalty area (watch the video).

Seven minutes into the first half, Benzema was allowed to take a penalty after a handball. Goalkeeper Unai Simon was close, but the ball was brilliantly shot by Benzema into the corner: 2-0.

Despite the double lead, Hazard did not get any minutes of play. Valverde was chosen to replace Rodrygo on the right wing. The one who was allowed to fill in is Marcelo. He is likely to leave the club after the season, but he still has a foot in the 23rd cup with Real. As much as Paco Gento and 1 more than Sergio Ramos.

Courtois prevents stress from developing

In the 87th minute, tension seemed to creep into the mid-level final when Militao touched down on an Athletic bid. After the intervention of the VAR, the ball went immediately, but the red card of the Brazilian was very strict.

Thibaut Courtois was face to face with Raul Garcia. Courtois prevented 2-1 with a reverse leg. He was celebrated by his teammates. It is the first time in his time with Real that Courtois has saved two consecutive penalties. It also worked against Valencia last weekend.

The Spanish Super Cup also provides a good statistic for coach Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian won five different awards over two stints as a madreline trainer. Only the Spanish title is still missing.

Some notable stats

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