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Ashley krijgt bijzonder afscheidscadeau van Big Brother: 'De knop waar ik 20k mee uit de pot trok'

Ashley receives a special parting gift from Big Brother: 'The button where she pulled 20 grand from the pot' | RTL Street

Ashley did not receive enough votes yesterday to stay on longer in the final week of “Big Brother.” The candidate closed the door behind him, but not empty-handed. She received a fun parting gift, she said on Instagram.

“This will get a nice place in my room.”

Ashley is causing a lot of buzz online. And not just because she pushed out one competitor after another with her plans. Ashley pressed a button in the game room two weeks ago, when she was nominated. It bought a €20,000 exemption from the pot.

Now that you have left home, makers Big brother He gave Ashley a fun gift. In a video on Instagram, she tells more about it while showing off the gift to her followers. “The button that took me out of the pot by 20 grand,” she says. The button is gold plated. “It's also there: the button Ashley pressed to buy a $20,000 bonus from the jackpot. This will have a nice place in my room.”

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Ashley shouldn't stay there Big brotherA house not to be missed. Her lover, Bart, has painted her office in cocoon colors Big brother-a house. “It's nice to be home again,” she says from her private room.

Yesterday, Ashley recorded the video below for RTL Boulevard to thank her fans for their support over the past few months.