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Nora Gharib is known for "rogue poetry."

Nora Gharib is known for “rogue poetry.”

May 31, 2021 6:20 PM – Culture


On Friday, actress and singer Nora Gharib made a story at BBB Salon, hairdresser Jochen Vanahudt. She had two front strips of her dark hair dyed platinum blonde.

The hairstyle provides strong contrast between two hair color shades. This technique consists of lightening two fairly thick strands around the face so that they protrude against the rest of the hair. Looks futuristic and this was the intention of the Belgian Moroccan Gharib, who chose this look due to a new role.

The hairstyle looks trendy but is at the same time a blink of an eye back to the ’90s, then The Spice Girls and Jennifer Aniston also had those typical features around their faces. A year ago, this hairstyle became a new trend under the hashtag #roguehair. Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lopez, among others, have ventured into this.

Hairstylist Jochen explains that light strands are so fun when you do a ponytail with dark hair and ditch the lighter strands. The hairstyle only works if your hair is about the same length everywhere, and another disadvantage is that the bumps are already visible after a few weeks.

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