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Assembly member Ramdien (VHP) moved to Paramaribo - Dagblad Suriname

Assembly member Ramdien (VHP) moved to Paramaribo – Dagblad Suriname

VHP member Harriet Ramdien, of Nickerie, who tested positive for Covid-19 last week, has been moved to Paramaribo, Dagblad Suriname has learned from a reliable source. She would have fallen into a coma.

During public political considerations, it was announced that Ramdin has contracted the Covid-19 virus. She was placed in home isolation. In addition to Ramdien, Ramon Koedemoesoe (ABOP) and Ebu Jones (NDP) have also been affected by the virus, so A Surinamese newspaper reported On June 10.

Meanwhile, reports have reached the community that politician Ramdin is not doing well. By the way, she was vaccinated against the coronavirus on June 2, as Dagblad Suriname reported earlier. After the Ramdien weakened, she was moved from Nickerie to town, an insider says.

The request is not to spread false news about it, because it is far-reaching. Various positive reactions have flowed from the community to encourage the council member. The community sympathizes with the association members affected by Covid-19 on social media.


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