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Mobile Collectors Wanted for MS Collection Week |  the bridge

Mobile Collectors Wanted for MS Collection Week | the bridge

REGION – For the National Multiple Sclerosis Fund’s MS Collection Week, taking place June 28-July 3, mobile collectors are looking for: people who want to raise money from this fund using their cell phone.

That MS has a huge impact on (young people’s) lives and has many different faces, the MS Fund is currently making clear in the new “Face It Up” campaign. MS breaks nerves.” The campaign features five people with MS: Carla, Winston, Carlene, Kevin, and Vera. They differ in age and are all at a different stage in life, but they have one thing in common: all five have MS. Neuromuscular dystrophy They show in a way that penetrates the impact of the disease on their lives and what different complaints and cycles there are.


25,000 people in the Netherlands suffer the consequences of chronic and exacerbated MS every day. This campaign not only literally puts a face on MS, but also calls for a show of the severity of the disease. A literal connection is made with the nervous system, but also a connection to the emotional side of the disease and what this does to patients.

There is an urgent need for research

There is no solution for MS yet. Researchers do not know how MS develops or how the disease can be treated. So more research is urgently needed. The National Multiple Sclerosis Trust spends Collectwick’s Week proceeds on scientific research into better treatments and a better quality of life for people with MS.

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be collector

Mobile collectors are being sought. They collect with their cell phones from home. More information or registration: