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AstroWorld victims testified: “People have begged the person…

AstroWorld victims testified: “People have begged the person…

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Testimonials have surfaced on social media shedding light on what exactly went wrong at the Astroworld Festival in Texas on Friday night. “Uneducated teens were performing CPR on the victims.”

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“I passed out because everyone was pushing me so hard,” Madeline Eskins, an intensive care nurse, said in an Instagram post. “I couldn’t breathe. Then I heard the fans crawled my unconscious body into security. When I woke up, I was sitting in a chair with a water bottle on my knee. Around me people were brought in with their eyes rolling and their noses bleeding. Has anyone here checked their heart rate yet? I asked. I could feel the pulse of two people, but it wasn’t there. The security officers asked me for help, especially when I said I was a nurse. I saw people – I thought they were nurses too – giving first aid, and the drained people laying around. There were very few medical personnel.”

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“he was not there ambu . bagNo defibrillator, no stretcher… I saw teens in the audience trying to resuscitate the victims and doing it wrong. I saw people being revived with a heartbeat, simply because no one checked for a heartbeat. We didn’t have cell phone reception, so we couldn’t ask for help. People begged the staff to stop the party, but that didn’t happen. I’m disappointed with that.”

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