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Migrants flee after emergency landing due to fake disease

Migrants flee after emergency landing due to fake disease

Spanish police are searching for about 15 migrants who escaped from a plane that made an emergency landing in Mallorca, on suspicion of fake disease.

About twenty migrants ran down the runway for their lives. A number of people would have been arrested, along with the so-called sick traveller. This was reported by Agence France-Presse France Press agency And the Spanish newspaper Country. It is currently estimated that about 15 migrants are still missing. Air Arabia Marco was on its way from Casablanca in Morocco to Istanbul in Turkey when a passenger was reported to have had a seizure due to diabetes. The flight was diverted to the Spanish island of Mallorca and made an emergency landing there.

About two dozen other passengers, all immigrants, took advantage of this emergency landing to run on the runway. They were going to climb the fence around the airport and be able to escape. El Pais, who spoke to the local police, wrote that he currently suspects that entering the country illegally was an intentional act.

El Pais wrote that the sick passenger was taken to hospital, where he was declared completely healthy. The police arrested him on charges of “aiding illegal immigration and violating the law surrounding foreigners”. Chaos at the airport disrupted the operation for four hours.

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