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Asylum practically violates New Zealand human rights

A new report by Amnesty International states that the New Zealand government has repeatedly violated the human rights of asylum seekers. The organization conducted field investigations for the first time in New Zealand after numerous reports of mistreatment of inmates, including those seeking asylum in prison.

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Report: ‘Take me to a safe place’: Imprisonment of asylum seekers in Autorova prison in New Zealand

UN The delegation visited the country in 2014 and expressed concern about the use of detention centers to detain asylum seekers. In their 2015 report to the UN Human Rights Council, they called on the UN to end this practice. Recommended by the Executive Committee.

Amnesty International Report ‘Take me to a safe place’: Asylum seekers imprisoned in Oterova New Zealand It reveals that between 2015 and 2020, 86 asylum seekers were incarcerated. Of the 12 people interviewed for the report, one woman and one man were forced to fight other inmates at an infamous prison. Another person is said to have been raped (which is currently being investigated).

The right to a fair trial has not been exercised

The report shows that imprisoned asylum seekers are subject to the complex maze of immigration and criminal justice processes. First, they are interviewed by immigration officials, then detained for three to four nights, then appear in court and eventually go to jail. Amnesty International found that the right to a fair trial was not respected.

‘All the asylum seekers we spoke to shared about the well-being of their prison experience and the shock they experienced when they came to New Zealand to live a safer and better life here. Our researchers were shocked by the scale of the human rights abuses, “said McDonnell Ronde of Amnesty International.

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Call for a general apology

“People are being detained unnecessarily because the immigration system is not in order, which affects their chances of seeking asylum,” Mc de Ronde said. Lawyers and civil society organizations have been raising this issue for many years, and this report really clarifies the scale of the problem. The issue can no longer be ignored by the New Zealand government. Amnesty International calls for immediate and urgent reform Immigration Act 2009 To put an end to these practices. ‘

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