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'At 30 degrees, preferably in a bikini': This is how Kathleen Ayrts celebrated Christmas in South Africa

‘At 30 degrees, preferably in a bikini’: This is how Kathleen Ayrts celebrated Christmas in South Africa

Kathleen Ayarts and her husband Stephen have been celebrating Christmas in the sun for eleven years. “White Christmas is great, but when did it snow again on Christmas Eve in Belgium?”

Celebrating birthday at thirty degrees? It’s possible in South Africa, as Kathleen Ayarts appears in a special broadcast of her reality series South African villa. For the occasion, it won’t be broadcast on VTM 2, but on Brother VTM.

Desmytere Road

“Christmas is over, and now we can look forward to the next day,” Kathleen Ayarts says when we make her on the phone. But before giving the go-ahead for 2022, VTM Christmas under the equator From. While filming that special episode of the reality series south africa villa, As Aertes and her husband Stephen are followed up in running their own travel agency StievieWonderTours Which guest houseArts celebrated her eleventh birthday in her hometown of Paarl.

“We came here for the winter before we actually moved here. White Christmas is great, but when does it snow again on Christmas Eve in Belgium? Then I prefer the heat. Because the seasons here are opposite, we usually celebrate Christmas at 30 degrees. Preferably To be in a bikini.” (He laughs)

As if thirty degrees wasn’t strange enough, Aerts and his colleagues said. A little extra warmth on top of that. After all, in Cape Town, Christmas is traditionally celebrated around a “barbecue” – a barbecue. “We make charcoal ourselves, but that means it is. Bray It burns all afternoon. “

Too far from St

There is no turkey on the menu at Ayertz’s house, but an ostrich fillet. “For Stephen and my sons Jay and Louis anyway,” it sounds. “I’m not a meat eater, so I’m also porting other African dishes like Springbok. I stick to the vegan burger.”

Featured element: Christmas tree. “We even have two: one inside and one on the balcony. They’ve been here since early October. Christmas starts very early here, because Sinterklaas aren’t celebrated here. Africa is a bit far from Sinterklaas, isn’t it.”

And yes, in Paarl, you can’t escape the flattest Christmas hits ever. “You can’t walk into the mall without hearing Mariah Carey. I really have all I Want for Christmas Is You I’ve heard it five hundred times without ever putting it on myself. I recently saw on news sites that Carrie earns €445,000 a year. I think half of that amount comes from South Africa. I’m lucky because I think it’s a great song.” (He laughs)

“Villa South Africa: Christmas Below the Equator”, VTM, 8.35pm.

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