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Diana's ex-bodyguard fears the Queen: 'She is no longer safe in her palace' |  Property

Diana’s ex-bodyguard fears the Queen: ‘She is no longer safe in her palace’ | Property

PropertyIt was a shock when a young man armed with a crossbow was spotted in the grounds of Windsor Castle earlier this week. He appears to have been stalking the British Queen, but was caught just in time. However, Ken Wharf, Princess Diana’s former bodyguard, fears for Elizabeth’s safety (95). The man calls for a thorough check of her security, hoping to prevent another attack.

A 19-year-old man broke into the grounds of Windsor Castle on Christmas Day. It is not yet clear how he succeeded. Some guards noticed him after a while, and concluded that he was armed with a crossbow. An armed police unit was immediately called in and the young man was arrested under the Mental Health Act. This indicates that he may have mental problems, and may subsequently be considered mentally incompetent. A video he posted online shows that he had plans to kill Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, palace officials are concerned: How did an armed man approach the Queen? Wharf, who worked for the British royal family for many years and even worked with Diana, doesn’t have a good look at it. “It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened,” he told local newspaper The Mirror. In fact, this was already the third major breach of the Queen’s security this year. Strangers should not only enter the grounds of Windsor Castle. I can only conclude that the Queen is no longer safe in her palace. What if she had just gone for a walk when he was outside? Windsor Castle is also known to be the least safe place for the Queen. Because of the estate’s layout, it is porous and difficult to secure weatherproof.”

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Required change

“Obviously something has to be done,” Wharf concluded. “Because it can’t go on like this. Well, the intruder was caught in time, but can you imagine how dramatic the outcome was?” An insider previously told The Mirror that palace staff were deeply affected by the incident: “There is a cold silence in Air: a fear of what could have been.

“There are always ways to better protect this legacy,” Wharf said. “We need more staff and more technology. Otherwise, the Queen will unfortunately have to move to another palace where she does not like to live.”

As Dai Davies, the former head of the Royal Protection Unit, knows something is wrong. “The officers present did their job well and averted disaster. But Windsor has an ongoing problem with intruders.”

In total, at least five Raiders entered the royal lands this year. Earlier, the woman could walk to the Royal Lodge, Prince Andrew’s home, next to her To claim that she was engaged to him. In fact, it was about a delusional woman who was in love with the prince. The Royal Lodge is also located in the Windsor Domain. In addition, a 31-year-old woman and a 29-year-old man were arrested in the estate. And just last week, Andrew stunned a young woman who knocked on his car window while riding on his private plot. “We need to get to the heart of this before something very sinister happens,” Davis said.

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