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Aunt was almost cut off from Spider-Man on PS4

Aunt was almost cut off from Spider-Man on PS4

Aunt May as seen in Spider-Man on PS4.

It’s hard to imagine marvel spider-man on PS4 (and later PS5) without Aunt May. She plays a vital role in the game and appears in many movie scenes along with the other main characters in the story. However, according to Dan Slott, Insomniac wasn’t sure if he could create a realistic and good-looking old character in the game because of all the wrinkles. Instead, the studio wanted her to appear in radio-only sound.

In an interview with GamesRadarMarvel Streepgraver Dan Slot, who contributed in 2018 Spider ManAunt Mei explained the whole situation. According to him, early in the game’s development, he learned that: Insomnia She didn’t want Aunt Mae in the game as a physical character. Although Aunt May is one of the most important figures in Peter Parker’s life, the studio was concerned with how old and wrinkled she was.

“They told me the truth,” Slott explained. “In their opinion, the old characters – the wrinkled ones – to make them look good and realistic required a lot of work. Similar to what they could use in creation Five other characters.

So the plan was initially for Aunt Peter to call him and talk to him over the phone and radio and never appear in the game as a non-playable character or physical model. But Slot retracted that decision, telling GameMe he was “determined” for Aunt Mae to be in this game and not just as a voice you hear on the radio. According to Slott, he eventually convinced Insomniac to include May in the game after making it clear to developers that it didn’t have to be. This era To remain Aunt Mi.

Look, Marisa Tomei [who plays Aunt May in the MCU films] Scott said. “Auntie probably shouldn’t be so wrinkled; she could be less wrinkled.

Of course, if you play Spider Man PS4 reference from PS5 You already know how this story ends. It seems that making it less advanced and wrinkled helped convince developers that Marvel’s central, iconic character could be included.

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