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Apple dramt door: de notch op de nieuwe MacBook is juist slim

Apple squeezes: The notch in the new MacBook is smart

An apple

The MacBook Pro introduced last week has a notch for the camera. Apple is very happy about this and describes it as very smart. Oh alright.

Last week was an Apple event. Lots of great products have been launched there. The MacBook Pro was one of them. Before the event it was already Clear That laptop would come with a notch. Just like the iPhone. Not everyone is pleased with this, as evidenced by the numerous reactions on various forums. Apple has now responded.

MacBook is a thin heel

The screen now has a notch. Not the prettiest solution, while Apple has elegant designs. Not for nothing this caused quite a stir. People are not happy that their screen space is being violated in this way. But is this true?

Fortunately, Apple responded to this cry. The company assured everyone that the MacBook Pro is very smart. Shruti Haldia — Apple’s Pro Mac product line manager — appeared on the Same Brain podcast to discuss the new hardware, and the conversation quickly turned first-class. You can watch the podcast on YouTube.

Related part Started Around 10:20 AM. Haldia is specifically talking about the 16-inch laptop. She said the laptop still has 16 inches of active space — and the screen remains a “16:10” window. So it doesn’t get smaller because of the slit.

Top notch MacBook Pro

what or what An apple Doing so is to expand the screen and move the menu bar “up and out of the way”. This is, she says, “a very clever way to give you more space for your content.” Well, she is right about that. It relieves incision pain, because no space is sacrificed. And if you go full screen, the notch will be black and the same bezel-thickness as previous MacBooks. However, many people still find it ugly and unnecessary. Technology so far that there is also another solution. However, Apple rambles on how smart, nimble and “smooth” this design is without ever acknowledging the downsides of this design decision.

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