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Austburg Hospital: ‘We do not want eviction to Belgium’

According to Van der Moss, if you continue to provide intensive care to people with dementia everywhere, “a lot of knowledge and expertise must be organized for a small group of people who need intensive care”. “So you do it – especially if you have fewer employees in the future – in fewer places.” The maintenance provider did not bring this up by itself, but noted that it was a national development initiated by the government since 2015.

The conversion of maintenance centers in Ortonberg, IJzendijke and Sluis into maintenance districts, as ZorgSaam envisioned, is gradually being tackled with owner Wongkot. For Coenstein in Ortonberg, intervention is expected to be minimal, as only the apartments there need to be modernized.

Once the new nursing home in Oostburg is ready, such surgery awaits Emmaus in IJzendijke. “Will care disappear there? No, we will ensure that apartments where caregivers can live freely are built and adequate care is provided.” In the latter case it would also be Rosenord’s method in Slois.

Anxiety about missing care

CDA Councilor Ronald de Crook was concerned. “Everything is money for new construction, while people’s attention is declining.” He sees the misery of having to go to a busy place near the center of the people. According to Van der Moss, intelligence is changing: people, despite dementia, are not green on the edge of the city, and if they are close to amenities and shops, they will be active and healthy for a long time. It also has benefits for the maintenance system. “You can create better social, collaborative facilities there.”

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