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The best virtual drives in the world are not Dutch or British

Although Formula 1 World Championships are fought between Dutch Max Verstappen and British Louis Hamilton, it is not the Dutch or the British who dominate the virtual rounds. From Pentagon motor team investigation Athletes from both countries will not get the top ten when it comes to performance in online racing games.

With the introduction of EA’s new Formula 1 game, the search for the best digital racers began. Online, gamers around the world can challenge each other to see who is the best virtual driver. However, the Pentagon Motor Group went one step further. The researchers collected data from more than 800 racing games to identify the country with the best online drivers.

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From hundreds of games, The High points, Fast fold times and time taken to complete the game. To collect data, the application was made, The website where gamers are internationally Achievements Ann High points Can be kept constant. The researchers then awarded the highest scoring points per game, ten for first place, five for second and three for third. The number of points divided by the number of inhabitants per country. This shows that the Finns are generally the best virtual racers.


Finland is the best online actor in racing, followed by Estonia and New Zealand. It is not entirely surprising that Finns leads the rankings. The small country has a great gaming culture. Great Britain had to do with the fifteenth place, while the Netherlands did not get the top ten places. With twelfth place we are almost faster than the Bulgarians and a little slower for the Uruguayans. Not even a single country from Asia is in the top fifteen.

For a game

The Pentagon Motor Group also studied the performance of countries through sports. In the case of the F1 game, only Japanese players take the trophy. Analysis of high scores and fast laps since the game was introduced in 2009 shows that the Japanese have won individual online competitions. The Dutch players did not perform badly in the fifth.

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Fortunately, there is a game that the Dutch excel at. Internationally, there is no better country Mario Kart U.S. Nintendo’s Japanese game is especially popular in Europe because Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Finland are behind the Netherlands in the top five. The best drivers Americans know Excellent tourism. Of undeniable champions Grand Theft Auto Players of Estonia.