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Austrian man bitten by a snake while…

Austrian man bitten by a snake while…

For a man in Austria, Monday was probably his worst nightmare imaginable. While visiting the toilet, he was bitten in the member by a confused snake.

The 65-year-old victim reportedly turned around after feeling pressure in a place she’d rather not feel. To his surprise, the man saw a six-foot-long snake coiled in the toilet bowl. Albino snake, that is.

Austrian police said the snake belonged to a neighbour, and that it escaped undetected through the sewage network. Currently, the path the reptile took before it encountered the man’s buttocks is still unclear. The man is also lucky that he did not find a full-grown snake. The length of this reptile can reach 9 meters.

The reptile expert called emergency services and removed the hose from the toilet bowl. Then he cleaned the toilet and the expert returned the animal to its owner.

The 24-year-old neighbor who owns the snake also has 11 other non-venomous snakes in his house. According to the police, it is being investigated whether these animals were treated well by their owners.

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