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Average Rob welcomes the crossover: “We have a deal for something very unique” |  sports

Average Rob welcomes the crossover: “We have a deal for something very unique” | sports

Will everything be okay after all? YouTuber Average Rob had wanted to participate in the Diegem cyclo-cross on December 28, but initially faced resistance. He stated on social media that he did not get permission to start. Meanwhile, an agreement has been reached, although it is not yet clear what exactly the agreement includes.

Average Rob, whose real name is Robert Van Impe, is known for trying out different sports on his YouTube channel. For example, in the company of his brother Arno the Kid, he has already gone cycling with Remco Evenepoel and cycling and mountain biking with Mathieu van der Poel. He also ventured into athletics with Nafie Thiam. In June, the duo successfully completed the Klagenfurt Ironman race.

The next challenge should be cyclocross. Average Rob and his brother had the cross in mind at Degem (28 December) and thus obtained the necessary competition licence. But the plan initially looked like it wouldn’t work, as the brothers weren’t welcome, Medium Rob said via Belgian cycling’s top official puts an end to that.”

“It’s a shame,” says Average Rob. “The one thing we always want to do is promote our Belgian sport in an entertaining way.”

Need points

“For international competitions like Diegem, there is a rule that Elite 2 riders (former elite without a contract) must have UCI points or have collected at least 25 points in the national rankings before they can participate,” he explains. Jos Smits, former manager of Belgian Cycling, to our editors.

“This rule was introduced to prevent riders not suitable for A level from continuing at the start. This has sometimes led to problems in the past, as riders were doubled up in the second round and had to go off the track, causing a lot of trouble.

“Average Rob has received Elite 2 clearance, but he does not meet the points criteria. It is difficult to prioritize such a person, especially not because he is famous. This will not be true for all the other riders who are making an effort to obtain the necessary points, but are not successful.” The average rob must first achieve those 25 points before he can start Digim.

The rules are clear, but there will be a solution now. “We have an agreement,” Average Rob announced this afternoon. “It’s something very unique and fully compliant with the regulations. Win-win,” is the voice after talks with Dejem Kroes and Belgium Cycling.

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