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Away from the Center: Finding a New Place

Away from the Center: Finding a New Place

Tilburg will temporarily dispense with Maawmuur. The wall was dismantled on March 9 and will be removed on March 10 from the place where the artworks have stood for nearly 10 years: next to the Radhaus Palace. It is not yet known where he will end up in de Maumour.

Aldermann Marcel Hendricks: “We are looking for a site worthy of artwork. There are different places available.”

New location

Still searching for a new site. The municipality is doing this with artist Miranda Boyle. This is difficult, because a work of art 40 meters long and 4 meters high cannot be placed anywhere. Marcel Hendrix: “The artwork must fit in many ways. It must be a spacious place, where the text can be read from a distance. But it must also be a place where enough people come.” Miranda Boyle: “I also hope to have a beautiful place in the open space. It is given space in an environment where people can take the time and space to decode the text and think about the content and the form.”

By the way, removing the Maaw wall itself is a good job. The 40-meter artwork cannot be completely removed. It is disassembled and removed in parts. Installed mailboxes will not return artwork.

“If you don’t make mistakes, you don’t usually make anything.”

Miranda Boyles created Maawmuur in collaboration with Ad Roefs. The wall is made of steel letters that together form the text “If you don’t make mistakes, you usually don’t make anything.” According to artist (Groningen) Miranda Boyle, there are two amazing things about Tilburg: there are a lot of “wrinkles”, but above all the problems that are raised are often resolved. Poem to show initiative.

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