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Axel Decelaire romantically at Schönselhof Cemetery: "This will come for some time" |  TV

Axel Decelaire romantically at Schönselhof Cemetery: “This will come for some time” | TV

TVIn “Heir to the Most Wanted,” Axel Decelaire, 52, continues to search for the heirs of La Estrella. Before that, he visited her grave at Het Schoonselhof, one of the most famous cemeteries in Belgium where many famous personalities rest, such as the poet Hermann de Konink and comedian Geoff Ness. When Axl sees the grave of an acquaintance, Mark Van Egg, it gets tough for him. “This will come for a while.”

Schoonselhof is one of the most famous cemeteries in Belgium. Several prominent figures were buried in the court of honor. Axel searches for La Esterella’s grave and is moved when he passes the graves of people he still knows. Axel has a hard time at Mark Van Egem’s grave. “Ma’am, it will come for a while,” he says emotionally clearly.

It’s also a breakthrough in La Esterella’s case. Axel managed to find out the name of Esther’s sister’s great-grandson. Christopher now lives abroad, so Axel contacted him via social media. Christopher now calls himself: “Esther is a very well-known name to me, she was my great-aunt. When I was young I saw her many times,” says Christopher.

Additionally, Axel was also allowed to please some people with good amounts of money. Searching for Godfried Scheepers’ heirs brings the presenter to Goes in the Netherlands. There he meets Haim. Godfried ‘Pim’ Scheepers was his grandfather’s brother. Inherits nearly a thousand euros.

An heir wanted, Tuesday at 8.40pm on VTM and on VTM GO.

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