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'Secret' actress Anna Driver had OCD: 'I thought everyone I loved was going to die' |  showbiz

‘Secret’ actress Anna Driver had OCD: ‘I thought everyone I loved was going to die’ | showbiz

Television“Undercover” actress Anna Driver, 39, suffered from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder during a poor period of her life. She admitted this on Dutch TV in the show “Sterren op het Doek”. Emotionally, she said she was spending the day. “I had absolutely no energy.”

Anna Driver has been a successful actress for a while, but there was also a time when she wasn’t feeling well. “I went to therapy because I was so bleak,” she said. She doesn’t know exactly why, but the actress was suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder at the time. “Then you have to do, or think, or degrade things a certain way. I was too busy with that in my head.”

Floater’s therapist told her that these obsessive-compulsive disorders were only going to get worse and not go away overnight. Then I thought, ‘Oh no, oh no, I really don’t want to. I have to stop this. Then I stopped and I felt worse.” The actress felt as if she had no control over anything since that moment.

the end of the world

Compulsive neurosis was not alien to the presenter: in the middle of the conversation he indicated that he also sometimes suffers from it. “I know why I’m doing it,” Driver asked, “but what do you think could go wrong if you didn’t do all these things?” “Everything, really everything,” she replied. “It’s all not true, but you actually think there’s some kind of apocalypse coming. Very strange, like I could stop that with the tics.” She even thought once that everyone she loved was going to die.

Everything that was positive and open in Driver’s mind was now negative and destructive at the time. However, the actress managed to get out of that stage. When you think about it, Driver can no longer hold back her tears. “I was so lonely. I was just getting through the day, and I had absolutely no energy to think about what other people think of me.”

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