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Leden Backstreet Boys en NSYNC vormen nieuwe groep

Backstreet Boys and NSYNC members form a new group

A new giant group appeared. Two members of the Backstreet Boys and two members of NSYNC rolled their heads together and formed a new group together. And it was called Back-Sync.

After their glory days, two popular boy groups found a way to further tap into the ’90s nostalgia. AJ McLean (43) and Nick Carter (41) of the Backstreet Boys and Joey Fatone (44) and Lance Bass (42) of NSYNC made up the ultimate boy squad together.

“It’s exciting to see the four of us do something together,” Fatone told Variety. “Backstreet Boys fans are very loyal. So we get that some people used to like only one of the two, but now it’s okay to like both of us.” It seemed better late than never.

Back-Sync appeared last Friday at the Pride event in Los Angeles for the Trevor Project. “I hope this will be our first performance out of many.” Among other things, they brought Bye bye from NSYNC and I want it this way By Backstreet Boys, including choreography.

They also know it sounds a little silly, but guys are ready for it. They are open to an album and accompanying tour around the world. They are also open to adding more old members to their boy group.

Photo: AFP

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