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Billie Eilish apologizes for racist video

Billie Eilish apologizes for racist video

In an old video that recently surfaced on social media, Eilish sings along to a song by rapper Tyler the Creator, which has the word oath to Asians. Eilish apologized on her Instagram.

The edited video has been circulating on social media platform Tiktok for a while. The stills show young Billie Eilish singing with American rapper Tyler The Creator the song “The Fish” from his album. demon From 2011. In the lyrics, the rapper uses a racist word for people of Asian origin. In another part of the video, Eilish speaks in a different, thinner voice. Many now interpret this as a dialect imitation. The pop star denies this.

The 19-year-old sent her an apology yesterday Instagram In which she says she is ashamed of pictures. Eilish reminds her followers that she was thirteen or fourteen years old when the pictures were taken, and that she did not understand the meaning of the text. “It was the first time I had heard the word, and no one around me had ever used it,” Eilish said. At the same time, the singer shows understanding for the reactions. “My young ignorance should not excuse the fact that this is a painful video. I am really sorry for that.

She denies that she will imitate a certain accent. “Anyone who knows me knows that I am constantly casting votes against friends and family. This is in no way intended to imitate any language, dialect or culture.” The singer calls it gibberish.

Regardless of the interpretation, Eilish never intended to harm others, and she regrets that he may now hurt others even more.

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