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Barack Obama: ‘America and the world are at a critical juncture’

The United States and the world are at a critical juncture. Former US President Barack Obama said this while speaking at an election rally for the Democratic candidate in the Virginia state presidential election.

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According to Obama, the United States and the world are at a crossroads between two visions. On the one hand, he said, “there is a bad politics of division, conflict and cynicism.” “But the good news is that we have a way to solve even bigger problems together, rebuild our society and provide a better life for more people.”

According to the former president, this is a choice that will determine “not just the next few years, but the next few decades or maybe even longer.”

Obama and other major Democrats are actively campaigning for the Democratic nominee for Governor Terry McAuliffe, 64, in Virginia. He will run against Glenn Youngkin, 54, a Republican backed by Donald Trump.

The governor election will take place on November 2 and will serve as a test for the congressional election a year later. Young-neck and neck-neck according to opinion polls by Youngkin and McAuliffe. Last year, President Joe Biden won the state of Virginia with a clear lead against Donald Trump.

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