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The timeless luxury of wool –

A rug carpet gives the final feeling of comfort and luxury in the home. With new Wonderful wool Collection under Teso-Label Desotorket You can choose and measure wool rug or wall-to-wall rug according to color and design. Create a stable and warm base in your interior by choosing from four atmospheric groups: Impacts of red, Green touch, Blue note On Gray tones.

When decorating our home, we are environmentally conscious and, as Tesso knows, we accept sustainability, craftsmanship and reasonable materials.Wall Clearly tops the list as a natural material that is real, soft and warm. With wool rugs you create the basis for a home and safe environment. In addition, the new wonderful wool collection offers a variety of textures and colors.

Round and organic shapes play a leading role in recent life trends. In the wonderful wool collection you can choose from a round, oval, geometric and even an organic shape Carpet Customization. The advantage of wool is that it repels dirt and is easy to clean; Stains can be removed with warm water by rubbing gently.

This new set is mostly made of wool from New Zealand. It is called the strongest, whiteest and cleanest wool in the world. Hence the bright colors and elasticity of the wool rug. All rugs are made with the original Teso According to the floor manufacturer, standard manufacturing refers to the process, quality and warranty.



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