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These 10 countries are the best in the word: Sweden leads, but Belgium also rises significantly

Popular online word game Word It is now several months. Frequent players may have turned into a real advantage by then. But there are no statistics yet on which country is on average better at finding the daily five-letter word. Fan site WordPress has now replaced it with a more thorough analysis and ranking.

In Word You have to search for the five-letter word in English every day. You are given six opportunities to enter words. After you guess a word, the letters get a color. Gray means that there is no letter in the word to guess. If yellow the letter is in the word, but not in the right place, if green the letter is in the right and in the right place.

You can play the game online for free, By this linkEvery day a new word appears, which is the same for everyone. To touch on old words, check out this website. If you have trouble solving puzzles, you can find some tips here WordOn the other hand, if you feel that he, she or they are fully proficient in the game, you can challenge friends or family through alternatives Word of mouth

Shared the results on Twitter

Lots of players from Word Share daily how quickly (or slowly) they found the word of the day. This is done by dividing the white / black, green and yellow squares into what your game was like, of course only without the characters. Above those symbols is usually the size Word It goes with the hashtag #Wordle and how many guesses did you make to find that word.

Precisely that data is the fan base Word notes Used to compile their country rankings. In January 2022, a total of 195,248 tweets were collected using the hashtag #Wordle. To use only the actual results, they searched for the data collected for the tweets, along with the characteristic color boxes and the corresponding score. With an X / 6 score of 2,729 tweets (i.e. the player did not find the word in time), they were forced to drop for their calculations.

Global average: 3.9 out of 6

After that, there are 139,940 tweets left to launch. The global average score of that most comprehensive model was 3,919 out of 6. Some subtleties may be required. You may think that some people are more interested in sharing their good scores and just casually “accidentally” sharing with me a casual game to forget it one day.

Wordpieces calculated the national average for each country, with at least 50 tweets to be found. It was in less than 49 countries. Among those countries, Sweden emerges as the winner with an average score of 3.72. Switzerland (3.78) and Poland (3.79) cover the stage.

Belgium in fourth place

Belgium (3.80) is fourth in the partnership with Australia (3.80). Finland (3.81), Brazil (3.83), Denmark (3.83), South Africa (3.83) and Israel (3.84) are in the top ten.

It is also noteworthy that many countries where English is the national language are very weak. For example, we see the United Kingdom with China at 3.89 and Uruguay at number fourteen. Canada (3.90) is ranked 17th, followed by the United States (3.92). New Zealand ranks 23rd with 3.96, compared to Spain, Taiwan and Thailand. At the very bottom we see Egypt (4.42) slightly ahead of Kenya (4.38).

Source: Word notes

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