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Be careful! These are the biggest consumers of holiday data

The vacation period is coming again and that means unexpected costs due to data usage on your package. This is the worst.

The longest and the weather starts in the summer. We can then go on vacation with a group again, provided there is no red icon. On the other hand, the ability to make a long trip can ultimately be destroyed by a spent data packet. So today there is a good list of data-friendly vacation apps out there. We’ve divided the main culprits into three categories, along with solutions to avoid additional costs. Good trip!

The three that consume large amounts of data


By far the biggest data consumer to watch Stream content On vacation. Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and Disney Plus require several gigabytes per hour to view content. If you want to watch your favorite show in the tent in the evening or at the beach in the afternoon, there are two options.

  • Set the video quality as low as possible. With the settings, you can choose to watch the content in low quality with almost every video service. For example, according to Netflix, you only use 1 GB for every 4 hours of streaming low-quality content. The highest quality consumes 1 GB per hour.
  • Alternatively, you can usually download the content as well. The services have a “best before” date for the downloaded content. But this way you can also download something nice over WiFi, so that your package doesn’t go off in a few days. Check here for a comprehensive guide to downloading Netflix.
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Social media

Social media are also true consumers of data. At first glance, you can say it’s just some text and pictures. But since you browse a lot of content – not to mention movies – you eat The social networking site FacebookAnd Twitter and Instagram data.

With the settings, you can ensure that the biggest culprit, the videos, no longer turns on automatically when connected via mobile data. So before you go on vacation, check all your social media to stop the videos automatically.


Finally there is music. Including Apple Music, Spotify Make it possible to download and listen to music offline. Since music usually requires very little storage space, it is always better to download all your favorite music.

You can also adjust the music streaming quality through the respective application settings. The lower the quality, the less data usage. The difference is hardly noticeable to the average listener.