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Beerchot intervenes after a disappointing 1 and expels Peter Mays and Stork in the photo as successor |  belgian football

Beerchot intervenes after a disappointing 1 and expels Peter Mays and Stork in the photo as successor | belgian football

belgian footballThe game is over for Peter Mays at Biershot. After another 1 in 21, the 57-year-old coach received C4 this morning. The question now is whether this is also the end of Maes’ (full of affluence) career at the highest level.

At the end of May, Bierchut picked Peter Mays away from Sint-Truiden, a transfer that caused quite a stir. The seasoned Limburger – who had a three-year contract at Kiel – had to become the man who had to lead Purple & White to a quiet season of confirmation. But that turned out differently. Exact defeat against STVV closed the door for Maes forever.

In retrospect, you can say that Berchot and Mays did not appreciate each other well beforehand. For example, when he was hired, Maes said he saw more opportunities in Kiel than Stein. In fact, he ended up on a sports construction site. At the beginning of the competition, the essence of Berchot was far from complete. Only a handful of newcomers gradually arrived, despite the futility of waiting for the takeovers that defined the whiplash in the Belgian competition. And the fact that competition conditions weren’t quite favourable on a few occasions didn’t help either. In this difficult situation, Mace searched hard for solutions, but it turned out to be a fruitless search and was not given more time.


Berchot also made an error in judgment, because the mayonnaise between Maes and the group of players was unmatched. Some players complained to the board of “hard, old-fashioned training sessions”, meaning they “didn’t make a fresh start” over the weekend. There was also internal dissatisfaction with the performance of permanent assistant coaches Mace Davey Heymans and Stefan Winters. For example, there was reportedly no click with the helpers already there. Heymans and Winters are allowed to participate. In this way, the Beerschot board of directors hopes to get the same page again.

For Peter Maes, coach of the year elected in 2014, the disturbing withdrawal from professional football threatens. Because you might be wondering who would want to give Mace another chance at the highest level in the future. As a result of the Clean Hands affair – this one is still a drawn-out one – Maes has been treated as an outcast in football circles for a long time. Only in October 2019 (after a year of unemployment) did 1B Lommel decide to take Mace on board. Through Lommel and STVV, Maes put himself back on the map. After a painful and sudden exit at Berchot, Maes is back to square one.

Stork is in the picture as a background

After Peter Maes is fired, Berchot is working on appointing a successor. The name circulating in the lanes is that of Bern Storck. The 58-year-old German has had an excellent reputation in our country since he led Mouscron and Circle Brugge to maintain it. Storck achieved a minor miracle with these two clubs. Last season, Storck worked for Slovakian DAC Dunajska Streda (the current team of Didier Lamkel-Z), but that partnership ended in April. It is not clear if Bierchut is also pursuing other avenues. While waiting for a new T1, Marc No takes the honors. The 58-year-old Noë has been a young and promising coach at Berchot for many years and is highly regarded internally.

Bernd Stork.

Bernd Stork. © BELGA

Peter Mays

Peter Mays © BELGA

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