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Video: Lukaku's goal against Zenit;  Tuchel: 'Romelo creates energy' |  Champions League

Video: Lukaku’s goal against Zenit; Tuchel: ‘Romelo creates energy’ | Champions League

Chelsea had their best of the match on Tuesday night in their Champions League opener against Zenit, but creating chances and scoring against the stiff Russians proved to be a huge problem.

Until the 70th minute: Cesar Azpilicueta passes a good cross into the second area. Romelu Lukau towers over his guards and nods the ball toward the ropes.

1-0. A retrieval goal from a savior gives Chelsea the three points.

Click here to view the goal on the Chelsea website.

Thomas Tuchel breathed a sigh of relief. After the match, the Chelsea coach looked in good spirits at the winning goal and Romelu Lukaku’s effort.

“First of all, it was a very good and dangerous cross from Cesar Azpilicueta,” Tuchel said. “It’s a very difficult ball to defend.”

“Even though it was a tough game for Romelu as we couldn’t create many chances for him, Romelu is the type who doesn’t lose confidence and finish with such an opportunity. That’s why he’s at Chelsea and that’s why he’s a class world.”

“You won’t find many strikers of this quality. Boys who score regularly are very important to the team. One goal can change the whole game and your teammates know that half a chance can be enough to take the whole booty.”

“Lukaku is more than just a talent. He takes the pressure off the other players. He has a personality that never loses patience or confidence.”

“Romelu is the type that we missed on our list. He is very humble and loves to train. He is an expert in communication in the locker room, open to everyone’s opinion and creates energy around him and in the team. No speech or video of a coach has the same effect as strikers who score and are decisive.”

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