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Behind the scenes at AG Insurance-NXTG, a week full of trials and setbacks, happiness and synergies beautifully ended |  Tour de France

Behind the scenes at AG Insurance-NXTG, a week full of trials and setbacks, happiness and synergies beautifully ended | Tour de France

AG . insuranceAG Insurance-NXTG was the youngest team on the peloton tour, but certainly not the least ambitious. Sponsor AG Insurance is giving HLN readers a unique look behind the scenes of the Tour de France through a team video series.

9 • Final

Riders have to squeeze everything out while climbing the Super Planche des Belles Filles. It is more than worth the effort because the remaining four riders have all made it to the end of the Tour de France: the women. This is how a week full of trials, setbacks, happiness, and teamwork ends in a beautiful way.

8 • A real hero

Julian Dehor, as the athletic director, maintains a tight grip on cycling. Her insight and race personality is a boon to her riders and the entire peloton game. That’s what cruise director Marion Ross thinks.

7 • white gold

In the sixth stage, Julia Burgstrom and her colleagues did all or nothing in their search for the white jersey.

6 • Half way

Passengers of NXTG Insurance from AG are halfway through the Tour de France: Femmes. Once again, the Jolien D’hoore team is trying to get into the day’s break.

5 • mechanical / mechanical

The fourth stage takes the peloton on several sections of gravel to the end. A real test of passengers and their equipment. Sanne does everything in her power to allow the women to finish the trip without any problems.

4 • family above all

Friends and family give their motivation in this challenging multi-day cycling race. We followed the parents of Ilse Pluimers who follow every day with the buggy and bike.

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3 • hard blow

After a good night’s sleep, the opening stage of the Women’s Tour de France was fully processed. With renewed courage they are preparing for the second stage. But they don’t know what to expect and someone big follows them.

2 • Le Grand Depart

The team is eager to compete with the best riders in the world. This is not evident in the first round.

1 • The period before

AG Insurance-NXTG passengers prepare for the start of the first round, which begins Sunday. Peloton’s youngest team hopes to challenge deeply held values ​​through teamwork. How is the atmosphere in the team? What are the winning cards, according to sports director Julian Dehor? Watch it in the video below!

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