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Behind the scenes of Julia's first K3 show: 'I wasn't expecting this' |  showbiz

Behind the scenes of Julia’s first K3 show: ‘I wasn’t expecting this’ | showbiz

televisionSince the beginning of this month, K3’s have been on their first tour with Julia. But how do they experience those parties? What about during rehearsals? You will discover it in “K3 Vlogt”.

Have you always wondered what the K3 show looks like behind the scenes? In “K3 Vlogt” on VTM GO, Hanne, Marthe, and Julia show how it works. It is especially special for the latter, as she is working on her first concert series with girls. “Our tour starts in a week,” it sounds excited. “So what is happening now is very exciting. We will let you watch.”

Even for old Marthes, it still takes a while to get used to. “Those first rehearsals on stage are very different from those in the rehearsal room. Suddenly it became a reality.”

Julia receives a sweet surprise from fans at her first show. “At the premiere, all those signs soared into the air…,” Julia looks back. “The whole audience immediately had pieces of paper with the words ‘Hello Julia’ on them. I could have imagined that people would do something, but I really didn’t expect it,” she says excitedly.

“K3 Vlogt” can be viewed on VTM GO.