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Relax with FC De Kampioenen and Camille's cat as inspiration: Behind the scenes of 'The Masked Singer' |  showbiz

Relax with FC De Kampioenen and Camille’s cat as inspiration: Behind the scenes of ‘The Masked Singer’ | showbiz

televisionThe finale of The Masked Singer was broadcast on VTM Friday night. Finally, it is now known who wore the suit this season. But this does not mean that all secrets have been revealed. In Behind The Mask, you’ll get a look behind the scenes of the popular TV show.

In Behind the Mask, Camille Donut revealed that Miss Boyce’s fur is based on the fur of her own cat, Sharpe. “Miss Poe is usually a spotted cat,” she says. But during a working visit to the stylists, they noticed her cat Sharpe. Beautiful gray cat. “And then, Miss Poe’s fur depends on my pet’s fur.”

At the fourth show, Miss Boyce got a new, much heavier tail. And that tail almost got her in trouble during the episode. “This tail was made in such a way that it leaned more to one side, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see it,” Camille says in his book Behind the Mask. “But if I moved a little bit, it would slide to that side and press on my stomach. I can hardly sing anymore. And then I had to fall to the floor. It really shuts me up.” I thought: I have to do this song, because I can’t do it anymore.”

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We already knew Guga Baul and Conner Rousseau are FC De Kampioenen fans, so it’s no surprise that behind the scenes of “The Masked Singer” they were constantly joking about it. “The fact that there was Goga had a real added value to me,” Conner says. “I also get along well with his lady, but I really know him better than everyone else. If you can do something silly and make jokes about ‘FC De Kampioenen’, it’s good to make you feel good.”

In Behind The Mask, Conner tells us how he had to learn to let his character live between shows. “I really underestimated the show,” he says. “I didn’t really think about that first show. Then the hare stood still while the jury was speaking, while the hare never stood still. He turned the handle: it’s more than just singing. Then I began to fill This rabbit.”

The participation of his beloved Loredana in “The Masked Singer” was no longer a secret to Pat Krimson, but the outfit she was going to wear was a secret. When Loredana told him, he was pleasantly surprised: “Exciting, because I have always loved castles and knights,” he seemed excited. And Loredana herself was happy, too. “The first time I saw my suit, I was really in love. I’m a huge fan of ‘Vikings’ and ‘Game of thrones’. Patty and I have watched all seasons. When I saw the suit, I really liked it: it really has that feeling.” I can keep looking at him.”

In “Behind the Mask” Loredana talks about how difficult it was to restrain herself at first and to properly distribute her energy. Something you weren’t used to doing in 2 Fabiola’s. “The first time I was there, there was a little bit of searching: Focus on that song,” Loredana says. “When we get on stage with 2 Fabiolas, it’s like ‘Okay, here I am.’ Now that’s a whole different matter, and you also have to be careful not to say ‘Put your hands in the air.’ It’s hard to restrain yourself like that.”

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