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Belgian Cats equals World Cup squad with US: “Then we will already avoid them in the quarterfinals” | Belgian cats

The Belgian cats know their squad for the World Cup in Australia in September. The Belgians finished top of Group A with their favorite VS. They also attacked China, South Korea, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the country transforming Russia. “It’s good that we’ve already met in the United States and then avoided them in the possible quarterfinals,” said Belgian cat Antonia Teller.

Teams World Cup Basketball
Belgium France
China Serbia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Japan
Puerto Rico * Nigeria
South Korea Canada
United States Australia

* Puerto Rico could replace suspended Russia, but it has not yet been officially confirmed

The Belgians are pulling the United States out as a complete winner

The Belgian Gates qualified for the World Cup in Australia last month. They also know which countries we are going to meet from today. The Belgians emerged as the best European country and the first country in Pot 1.

Belgium, the fifth-ranked European country to finish in the World Cup and finish fifth in the world, finished in Group A. The other two countries in our group 1 are FIBA-1) and China (FIBA-7). The United States, the world and Olympic champion in particular, will be a tough one. In last month’s World Cup qualifiers, the Belgian players showed excellent play in the United States. Then it became 75-84.

They have good luck with China. It is the lowest rated country since the first pot.

From Bot 2, the Belgians received Bosnia-Herzegovina (FIBA-26) and South Korea (FIBA-13). The last enemy of the Belgians has not yet been officially determined. This is because Russia was excluded. It will probably be Puerto Rico. The cats had little problem with that country in their qualifying rounds.

The top four places in each group advance to the quarterfinals. This is their second participation. 4 years ago, the Belgians took fourth place.

Taylor: “It’s time we beat Bosnia-Herzegovina”

“It’s hard to say whether this is a good draw or not,” says Belgian cat Antonia Teller. “It’s a tough team, but in the end there are only 12 nations in the World Cup, so they’re all strong nations.”

“I think it’s good that we already have the United States in the group stage and then we can not meet them in the possible quarterfinals. It will be five tough games.”

Taylor respects other countries as well. “China has been growing immensely in recent years. They are so physical and big, it’s not always easy for us, but we have already defeated them. It’s a big challenge. It’s a big challenge. The team will ask.”

“Unfortunately, we already know Bosnia-Herzegovina very well. In fact, now is the time for us to beat them,” Taylor said. For example, recently, the Belgians lost in the opening round of the European Championship. “Jonquel Jones has a world-class player, but we’ll gradually learn how to control the rest of the team.”

Leaving the team is the first goal in the World Cup. Let’s see later.

Antonia Tellare

The rest of the group questions. “I have never played against South Korea. We know that team well. They are seen as a weak brother, but we should not underestimate them. I do not yet know if the last enemy will really be Puerto Rico. Let’s go to the top team in the world rankings. “

What will be the goal of the Belgian cats at the World Cup? “This is a good learning moment and a way to prepare for the European Championship in 2023, but of course we want to get out of the team for the World Cup. That is the first goal. We always do it in line with the competition. Cats, but we want to reach the quarterfinals. See you later.”

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