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Boeren van Nederweert Jonah van Pommel wins the quiz

Boeren van Nederweert Jonah van Pommel wins the quiz

Last week, Boeren van Nederweert asked the following question:

How many meters of yarn is in this ball?

Most of the wool used for garment production comes from merino sheep. Merino is the oldest and most common breed of sheep. Merino sheep grow 10 times more hair per square centimeter than the average sheep and produce up to 5 kg of wool per year. In the Netherlands, sheep are raised mainly for meat or grazing. Dutch goats’ wool is thick and less suitable for wool production. Merino sheep are bred mainly in New Zealand and Australia.

There were two posts with the correct answer. After a draw, Jonah Vaughan emerged as the puppet winner. ⁇Jonah congratulates the winning craft packageAccording to the farmers of Netherwirt. Photo by his son Shawn. He is very happy with the package as he is learning crochet just like his sister Scarlett. ⁇When the match link was sent to me, I knew how much thread was on the ball because I looked around a lot for the thread and some things got stuck.Said Jonah. Congratulations to the Van Puppet family for the winning craft package.

Are you also interested in what the answer is? Watch the video below for the answer.

Every two months, the Boeren van Nederweert Association publishes a new question from the Boeren van Nederweert quiz on Nederweert 24. You have one week to submit an answer. The answer will be announced in a press release. The prize winner will be notified by email.

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The quiz is organized in collaboration with SME entrepreneurs from the municipality of Nederwire.

More information can be found here