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Belgian intelligence buys Huawei routers despite fears of espionage – Computer – News

According to HLN sources, ADIV is not concerned about the purchase, as the routers will run on “US software”. What this means is not clear. In practice, Huawei routers only have software from the manufacturer on board, and it is difficult or impossible to replace this software.

valid concerns. If I had to choose between Chinese and American programs, I would also choose the American one, but I’m not comfortable with that either. And no other countries, you have secret services and spying for companies all over the world. In some countries a little more than others, but as a secret service, very little is too much. Even if the supplier is located in your country, the software cannot be automatically trusted. Spies can also work for foreign software companies. Even without spying or malicious intent, you should still consider honest security bugs.

The conclusion is actually simple, you cannot automatically trust any country or company. You will always have to check safety yourself at this level. This is easier said than done with a locked router. Some companies now give access to their source code, but then you have to be able to verify that that code has actually been used on your machine and that’s very difficult.

From my point of view, there is only one real solution, and that is to remove the hardware and software (including the firmware) so that you can choose which software to run and install yourself.

Many modern routers run internally on Linux with some special hardware and resource feature complete. Therefore, it is quite realistic to create / maintain and install your own software yourself if the supplier cooperates.

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The good news is that the news report indicates that this is indeed the case, if it is true that the US software is running on those Chinese routers. Honestly, I’m afraid it’s not rosy after all. My guess is that not all software is American but an additional app is installed to control the router from the inside.

It is not known why ADIV chose Huawei routers, but HLN states, among other things, that routers cost less than those of competitors. It is not known if the order has actually been submitted and if so, whether the routers have actually been delivered.

Like Facebook or Google, they are also cheap to use, money-wise.