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Belgian pork export ban lifted in 14 of 30 countries |  interior

Belgian pork export ban lifted in 14 of 30 countries | interior

Belgium became official on December 21, 2020 free disease It was announced by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), after which the FASFC began negotiations with countries and territories that had imposed restrictions on the export of Belgian pork. Japan became the 14th country to lift the ban on Monday. This has already happened in South Korea, South Africa, Singapore, Belarus, Mexico, Uruguay, Ukraine, Russia, the French territories of New Caledonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Thailand and Nicaragua. Negotiations are still ongoing with other countries, including Australia, Taiwan and China.

Agriculture Minister David Clarenval (MR) is pleased that more and more countries are reopening their markets to Belgian pork. “With the outbreak of African Swine Fever in our country, difficult times have begun for our pig breeders as well. Now that our country is free of African Swine Fever (and our country officially got this status a few months ago), more and more international markets are resetting themselves. Open to our ham. This is not always a smooth sailing. So I’d like to thank FASFC and all the other parties involved. Thanks to their good work, our high quality ham can once again be found in international markets.”

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