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Amazon wants to hire 55,000 people worldwide |  Economie

Amazon wants to hire 55,000 people worldwide | Economie

Webshop Amazon is looking for 55,000 new employees worldwide. This was stated by the new CEO Andy Gacy in an interview with Reuters news agency. This mainly concerns technology files, for robotics, engineering or for the “Project Kuiper” satellite program, where satellites in space should provide better broadband Internet access.

The vast majority (about 40,000 jobs) are created in the United States. But the internet giant is also looking for 2,500 people in the UK. The rest are in Germany, India and Japan.

Amazon needs additional employees to keep pace with its growth in retail, cloud computing and advertising, according to the new CEO. “We continue to grow rapidly and innovate in many areas,” it said.

Starting September 15, Amazon will launch Career Days, where more details about job openings will be made available. For some hard-to-fill profiles, candidates can get a bonus.

Amazon is already the second largest employer in the United States and employs 275,000 people worldwide. However, the company has been criticized for its large workload and difficulties for employees in the United States to form a union.

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