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Belgians take less vacation in 2021 |  interior

Belgians take less vacation in 2021 | interior

“The pandemic and travel restrictions mean we took about 16 percent fewer vacations at the end of May than in the ‘normal’ year of 2019,” says Jean-Luc Vaniwenhos of SD Worx. “We are also 3 percent less than last year. We expect many employees to take vacations in July and August, but since there is no ‘freedom fun’ yet, there will be compensation in the fall. We also experienced this phenomenon last year, when the He took a lot of vacation days, especially in the construction, landscaping and mineral sectors, which could not be carried over to the following year.”

HR specialist Atentia calculated that we took an average of 4.3 vacation days at the end of May, compared to 4.7 days in 2020 and 6.3 days in 2019. “In the first five months of this year, fewer statutory vacations were taken than in 2020.” , confirms Heidi Verlinden of HR services provider Securex.” Last year, we recorded a 28 percent decrease compared to 2019, and this year it’s even increased to 36 percent. In addition, technical unemployment, more homework and temporary travel bans are Also the reasons for this decline.”

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