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Belgium borrows cheaper than ever |  Economie

Belgium borrows cheaper than ever | Economie

Belgium raised the money at the lowest interest rate in history. This was written by “De Tijd” and confirmed by the religion agency.

In concrete terms, 2.98 billion euros were raised in the financial markets by the issuance of Belgian Treasury certificates. A portion of this issue (850 million euros) was issued at a negative interest rate of -0.824 percent. This is the lowest interest rate ever: the previous record (-0.792%) goes back to the end of 2017, the debt agency confirms. Because the rate is negative, our country still gains from this issue. “On an annual basis, negative interest rates bring us about 160 million euros,” explained agency director Jean Depot.

The other part (2.13 billion euros) was borrowed today at an interest rate of -0.755%. That was also pretty low, but it wasn’t a record.

As an explanation, exceptionally low short-term interest rates were noted, not only in Belgium but also in other countries. In addition, many investors – such as pension funds or banks – are looking for safe investments, which puts pressure on prices.

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