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Belgium national team coach Katz on Demarez's comments: "I think the expulsion is very difficult" |  interior

Belgium national team coach Katz on Demarez’s comments: “I think the expulsion is very difficult” | interior

Belgian national cat trainer Philippe Moustadagh has responded to the insulting comments made by Spurs journalist Eddy Demarez, which caused a shock wave last week. Women’s Basketball has asked for his resignation, but Mustadagh doesn’t want to go that far. “Some are arguing in favor of his dismissal, but I think that’s very harsh,” he told Krant van West-Vlaanderen newspaper.

Last week, there was an uproar about a segment of Sporza’s Facebook live about the arrival of the Belgium team, including the women’s basketball team The Belgian Cats. In an unguarded moment – when the cameras kept rolling, but the commentators themselves were no longer in the picture – other subjects emerged. During the conversation, you can hear how some people, including sports journalist Eddie Demarez, are speculating about the trends of the women’s basketball team.


I would prefer both parties to come together and be able to discuss and work it out as adults

“I can understand that my players were shocked. Those statements were of course very inappropriate,” said Mustadagh who is also the father of the players Kim and Hani. Meanwhile, Demarez has been temporarily suspended by VRT management. “Some are arguing for his dismissal, but I I think this is very difficult. I would prefer both parties to come together and be able to discuss and work through it as adults.”

There are no winners and losers in this case. Above all, we must not forget that the two sides will still need each other in the future.” “I’ve been coaching basketball for a while and have already seen players of colour, Christian, Muslim, straights, lesbians, gays… I thought sports journalists had accepted So now, but that is apparently not the case. However, we live in 2021. Someone in this role would also have an ideal job.”

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“Definitely don’t underestimate it. It is a very difficult situation, spread widely due to the influence of social media. This is something we did not need and could have avoided.”