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Will a real coach's circle put an end to Bayern Munich's dominance?  |  Bundesliga

Will a real coach’s circle put an end to Bayern Munich’s dominance? | Bundesliga

During a summer full of transfer frenzy, German clubs are sometimes overlooked. Not by Luc van Dorselaer. The commentator and connoisseur of the German Bundesliga is eager for a new season of first-class football. Without big detours, but with a great coaching cart.

A new beginning. It is definitely for the big clubs in the Bundesliga. The top six from last year have a different coach. However, no team has a “completely new” coach.

The Bundesliga teams swapped coaches or took someone from their stable. “Only Leverkusen got an unknown name from Switzerland: Gerardo Siwan,” Luc van Dorselaer knows.

Bayern Munich began the trend of paying the wages of a great coach with the “transition” of Nagelsmann. “He’s a Bavarian boy and a supporter of the club. It was only a matter of time that he ended up at Bayern Munich. It happened a little faster than expected.”

Bayern are always the favorites, but perhaps their height is slightly lower than the skies of other years.

Luke van Dorselaer

Bayern Munich won nine consecutive titles in the German League. Will Nagelsmann care about the number ten? “Bayern is always a favourite, but it’s probably a little lower in height than it has been in other years,” van Dorslaer says.

“At the back, in addition to Alaba, the team also lost Boateng. They both won the treble in 2013 and 2020 and have contributed to the color in the last decade. This raises doubts. They have obtained Upamecano, a good alternative, but not a strong second holder in the back.”

“The team also has injuries to Hernandez, Davies and Pavard. Bayern are not always convinced by Sule either, so he can go if there is a good offer.”

Julian Nagelsmann

Julian Nagelsmann was purchased from RB Leipzig.

Competitors: Dortmund, Leipzig … and Wolfsburg

When Bayern Munich’s biggest rivals swing, Dortmund is always the frontrunner. Also with new coach Marco Rose “who has been impressing at RB Salzburg”.

“But in the last months at Borussia Mönchengladbach – since the switch to Dortmund was well known – it has been much less,” says van dorselaer. “Rose will have to show what he can do with the better players.”

“The loss of Sancho, who replaced Malin, is a setback. On the other hand, with Haaland you also have someone who gets better every year.”

“If these three Belgians (Witsel, Thorgan Hazard and Meunier) can keep fit and perform this time – because they didn’t do last year – then Dortmund is also a much better team and can challenge Bayern.”

Doniel Malin

Donyell Malen came from Eindhoven.

Leipzig players are excited about the new coach

RB Leipzig chose an American coach. “Jesse Marsh came all the way from the Red Bull Empire. He started first with New York and then went to Salzburg.”

According to Van Doerslaer, coaching is a calculated gamble. “He plays completely home style and the players are excited about his arrival. So the football game and mentality is maintained.”

“Newcomer Andre Silva has already proven outside the Bundesliga that he is a strong striker. They also expect something from Robbie’s fantastic talent in Germany. Upamecano and Konate Leipzig have lost in defence, but the benches have a similar image.”

Daiot upamecano

RB Leipzig replaced Dayot Opicano, Bayern Munich.

“Beginners’ mistakes by Van Bommel at Wolfsburg”

The third outside player is Wolfsburg, who chose to drive Mark van Bommel. “He is taking advantage of the good reputation he had as a player at Bayern Munich. As a coach, the fans are not yet convinced.”

“In preparation he made junior mistakes. Last week Wolfsburg played in the cup against a fourth-tier team and Van Bommel changed hands for the sixth time in extra time…”

“This is no longer allowed,” says Van Dorslaer. “So Munster has lodged a complaint. There is a possibility that Wolfsburg will be expelled from the cup.”

Bornau should hope that Lacroix moves to Dortmund, otherwise he will not be in the starting line-up.

Luke van Dorselaer

However, there are positive signals from Wolfsburg. The team had the second best defense last season. “And now Sebastian Bornau has been added!” The commentator is excited.

“It was taken over because the Frenchman Lacroix is ​​leaving for Dortmund. This transfer could be done better for Bornau, otherwise he is not at the base.”

Another name we know well in Belgium is Lukas Nmecha. The striker must push Wolfsburg to the top. “It is seen as a great boost in Germany, because he was impressed by German promises,” concludes Van Dorsler.

Mark Van Bommel

Mark van Bommel wants to prove himself as a coach.

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