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Belgium teaches Americans why the card is blueer than the castle

Blue or red wave?
Photo: RR

A chart created by Belgium is going viral in the United States. At a glance this illustrates that the US presidential election map is mostly Republican red, while more democratic blue votes are being counted in the meantime.

Video: Kareem Taseep

The man who explains it to Americans is Kareem Duseep of Brussels. He owns his data company Jetpack.AI and in September 2019, stumbled upon a map based on the 2016 election results shared by Laura Trump. What really bothered him was how much more important it was to the surface of the states — often thousands of miles less populated land — than the number of people living there.

So he tweeted the title of his cover last year that he “read the situation very accurately”. For this he took into account the area of ​​the states and the people living there. “I was not politically minded, but I had to fix that vision defect,” he now tells Fast Company.

His table was again enthusiastically shared. It does not contain the numbers of the current elections, but it now illustrates a recurring phenomenon, where a card appears mainly in red, but a Democrat can get more votes in absolute numbers.

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