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Belhassen rejects an offer from the great Belgian club

Belhassen rejects an offer from the great Belgian club

AA Gent had a tough start in the Champions Playoffs, but made a full recovery. The Buffalos team has won twice in a row against KV Oostende and is again fully involved for an all-out victory in this post-competition. However, the screens are actually working until next season.

Ghent’s hand will be a little fuller during the next mercato, but she first wants to put the sporting structure back on the right track. And for that, the club will bring a familiar face. Even reports latest news Karim Belhassen is about to sign as assistant coach. The French Algerian was sidelined a few weeks ago as coach of Charleroi. Now, however, he will be back in action as the right-hand man of Hein Vanheisbroek, a role he has played multiple times in the past.

Belhoussin’s arrival will lead to a number of redeployments in the sports field, with Peter Palette and Gunter Shipins, among others, to be awarded other positions. In addition to the states HLN That deal with Emilio Ferrera is also underway. The club has already negotiated with him about collaborating with his football academy, but Ferreira will now also play a role within the Ghent Youth Academy.

Update 5/20

Karim Belhassen will not go to AA Ghent, it is known The past hour To report. Former coach Sporting Charleroi received an offer to become Hein Vanhaezebrouck’s T2 at AA Gent, but was turned down, according to the newspaper. Bel Hussein does not want to back down and wants to continue working as head coach. Meanwhile, he talks to Muscron about the job, but those conversations are still in their infancy.

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