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Bella Hadid Underwent Rhinoplasty at age 14 because she felt like 'Gigi's ugly sister': 'Don't let the rest run on my face' |  celebrities

Bella Hadid Underwent Rhinoplasty at age 14 because she felt like ‘Gigi’s ugly sister’: ‘Don’t let the rest run on my face’ | celebrities

celebritiesBella Hadid, 25, told Vogue in a candid interview about her mental health struggles and the pressure in her youth to look like her sister Gigi. In the interview, the model revealed for the first time that she underwent rhinoplasty at the age of 14, something she has denied for years. She also admitted that she now regrets having the surgery at such a young age: “I actually thought my nose was perfectly fine.”

In an interview with “Vogue,” Bella spoke about her struggles with her mental health, admitting that she always felt “ugly” and “not cool enough” compared to her older sister Gigi: “I was the ugly sister. I was a brunette. I wasn’t as gorgeous as Gigi, And I wasn’t open,” she recalls. “That’s really what people have said about me. And unfortunately, when you hear things a lot, you start to believe them.”

Hadid then decided, in consultation with her parents, due to her young age, to have a rhinoplasty. Now she regrets: “I wish I had kept my nose since then. I think I would have by then.” There are no specific laws regarding age restrictions for plastic surgery in the United States, but rhinoplasty can be performed when it is 90% of the nose. Mature, which can happen to girls as young as 13 years old.

But the model still insists that this is the only procedure she has ever had on her face. In recent years, Hadid has repeatedly denied having lip fillers, eye lifts, or jaw reductions. According to her, people believe she “completely” reshaped her face “because of one photo of me as a teenager that made me look a bit puffy.” “I’m sure no one is the same as when he was 13, right? I’ve never used fillers. Let’s put an end to this rumor,” Hadid said. “I don’t have a problem with it, but it’s not for me. Who would think I raised my eyes or whatever his name is, it’s a face tape! The oldest trick in the book.”

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