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Lil Klein leaves the cell laughing with a trash bag in hand |  showbiz

Lil Klein leaves the cell laughing with a trash bag in hand | showbiz

showbizRapper Lil Klein has been free again since Tuesday morning. On the pictures of the Dutch “view news” We can see how the rapper leaves prison smiling broadly and with a trash bag full of personal items.

The artist, who is dressed in a gray jogging suit and a black hat on his head, answers with a smile the questions of the present reporters, but does not answer. He gets into a luxury black car that is already waiting for him.

Klein is still suspected of committing (attempted) a serious assault on his girlfriend Jimmy Weiss in mid-February. On Monday, the court decided to release him on conditions. It is not known what these conditions are. His attorney, Ninky Hogerforst, declined to comment on the council chamber’s decision on Monday. Nor does she want to say anything about the conditions that the court imposed on Schulten. Namemam, Lil’ Klein’s management agency, was also not available for comment.

Last month, the 27-year-old artist, whose real name is Jorek Schulten, was arrested. It is said that he stuck his fiancĂ©e’s head between the car door. After three nights in prison, the investigative judge decided to suspend his pretrial detention. The Public Prosecution objected and appealed. This was followed by a session in the council chamber, which ruled that Lil Klein should be detained for another fourteen days.

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After reports of alleged abuse came in, several companies decided to stop working with the rapper. Former record label TopNotch is no longer promoting his music and his new music label Sony Music has canceled the collaboration.

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