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Ben Affleck is now taking his daughter Jennifer Lopez (13) on the road

Ben Affleck is now taking his daughter Jennifer Lopez (13) on the road

Ben Affleck He was out with his kids this week. Not very special as you think, but it was. The actor also had one of the children of his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez with him. Did the two stars in love already have plans to move in together?It’s clear that Affleck and Lopez’s relationship is seriously dead. The two found each other again after their previous split in 2004. Affleck and Lopez not only go on dates themselves but also go on all kinds of fun trips with their kids from their previous marriages.

On Sunday, Affleck was seen with his son Samuel, daughter Serafina and Amy, Lopez’s thirteen-year-old daughter, which you can see on Instagram. Pictures Her cute blue hair recognizes her.

So the company came out as a real family and it just goes to show that Affleck and Lopez really have serious plans for the future.

By the way, Affleck had his hands full. Not because the kids were annoying, but because his hands were full of snacks and a cup of soda. Apparently the actor was having some delicious snacks with his kids (step).

Max, Lopez’s son, was not present. Nor the singer herself. Affleck had an entire entourage of individuals with him.

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