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Disney might also throw ‘the eternal’ at Disney+

Disney might also throw ‘the eternal’ at Disney+

appeared last month with Black Widow Finally, a new movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in cinemas around the world. But there was also the release on Disney+ and that seems to have had a huge impact on box office receipts around the world.

The next MCU movie will be released early next month Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Exclusively in cinemas. But this does not apply yet to the film that will be released next, eternity From the Oscar winner Chloe Chow.

Eternity is also possible on Disney +
“I think cinema will be one of my favorites too [Eternals-regisseur] renal [Zhao’s], “ Feige said Misc. “We’ll see how it goes.”

“I love cinema. I love going to the cinema. I love making films that people can watch together in a common environment like a cinema. That’s what we’re all about,” He completed. “The hybrid version can also be good if you want customers to have a choice.”

eternity It is currently scheduled to premiere in theaters worldwide in early November, a year later than originally planned.

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