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Ben Waits shares 'a hearty word' with Gert's chief policy maker Vandy Brooke: 'Maybe the reaction was too quick and too emotional'

Ben Waits shares ‘a hearty word’ with Gert’s chief policy maker Vandy Brooke: ‘Maybe the reaction was too quick and too emotional’

Gert Vandy Brooke is under fire. © BELGA

Sports Minister Ben Waits (N-VA) has addressed Sport Vlaanderen director Paul Roe about his reaction in the case to the allegations made by former Tigers over volleyball coach Gert Vande Broek. “I haven’t yet met the first person who doesn’t regret a tweet so quickly.”

Hans Jacobs

No less than the former international volleyball players blamed the changed national coach Vande Brook for his infringing behavior. Paul Rowe, one of the most powerful men in the Flemish sports world, later dismissed the image they painted of him in a number of tweets as one-sided.

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“The Sport Vlaanderen director could react very quickly and very emotionally, a personal reaction immediately after the testimonies were given. I have not yet met the first person who did not regret a very quick tweet. Sports Minister Ben Waits said after a question from Flemish MP Annick Lambrecht (Vorwett) “ It happens to all of us.” Waits: “I am accused of covering this with the mantle of love. this is not true. A heartfelt word about it has been said internally, and we’ve discussed it. I’m defending him externally, even though he may have made human error. The incident has been closed.”


Why was there no personal apology? Waits confirms that Rowe also endorsed a statement a day later that Sport Vlaanderen does not allow any form of behavior across the blue and blue border and that every complaint is taken seriously.

Judge Bart Meganick

Judge Bart Meganick © BELGA

In this regard, Chief Justice Bart Meganick, who led a report on violations in gymnastics, will initially conduct a similar investigation into the allegations related to the national volleyball coach. However, this investigation was suspended when the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Volley Vlaanderen himself began the investigation. Waits: “This Federal Prosecutor’s Office can take legal action if necessary, while Meganck’s research report can only lead to recommendations.”

But isn’t that the problem? A number of volleyball players or former volleyball players have lost faith in Volley Vlaanderen. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office for the same union must now determine whether Vande Broek has gone beyond his means. In short, how independent is this research? Waits: “The testimonies are not yet evidence of guilt. That is why an independent investigation is necessary. There are no people in the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Volley Vlaanderen who are members of the Board of Directors or who work for Volley Vlaanderen. I do not rule out the possibility of additional initiatives after the investigation by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Volley Vlaanderen. This is not an amendment.”

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