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Kompany and Anderlecht confidently move to club after another win over STV: 'The only ambition is to win' |  Jupiler Pro League

Kompany and Anderlecht confidently move to club after another win over STV: ‘The only ambition is to win’ | Jupiler Pro League

Jupiler Pro League12 out of 12 in Anderlecht! Before the break, the train got off to a rough start, but a header by Lior Rafailov eventually hit the ropes due to a barrage of chances in the second half. In the final, Ashimiro headed in Tahrir 2-0. STVV stays behind with 0 out of 12.

‘Never change a winning team’, Kompany must have now thought the train had apparently left Anderlecht. The same eleven names Syringe and Zolt Vargym canned. With Zerkezi, Kwame, Vershirin and Rafailov who scored the goals.

STVV was in a shorter period and chose the defense with three defensive midfielders. The home team had a tough time though. Vershatrin got a chance early in the match after a smooth action by Rafaelov, but he hit the wrong side of the post.

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Rafa also had two shots, but STV goalkeeper Schmidt didn’t have to warm up his gloves before the break. prominent. Balance after 45 minutes: A little bit of enthusiasm up front to cheer the Tuesday evening in front of Anderlecht fans. Then they were angry at the time wasted at STVV.

RSCA came up with more after the first half. Schmidt had to extend fully to move Versacherin’s header out of his corner. Rafaelov kicked. In the hour came the editor’s opening goal after all. Zirkzee was stopped first, but his cross pass to Refaelov was reserved. 1-0, by the man of the field crown.

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Sint-Truiden jumped into action just after aiming against. Konate’s header crossed over to the other side of the post. Then there was Vercharin, who almost surprised his goalkeeper with a poor rest, leaving the double lead a minute later after clever action by substitute Raman. Rafailov almost made it 2-0 two more times, but he didn’t score either. STVV came out to sound a while, but Lesnar was targeting Van Kromburg. In the final seconds of extra time, Ashimiru sent a cross pass from Raman, redeeming Lotto Park.

12 out of 12 for Anderlecht, who – along with the cup match – are able to win another five matches in a row for the first time in five years. STVV should handle the reverse report: 0 out of 12.

Kompany: “The only ambition at the Club is to win”

Vincent Kompany was a satisfied coach after his new team’s win, although he also saw how Purple and White crushed a string of chances. “We still say the boys have to reward themselves. They work hard, defensively and offensively. In training I see the talent playing here and I have no doubt that it is only a matter of time before these guys finish better.”

On Sunday, Anderlecht and Kompany will face a new challenge, as they will visit Club Brugge next. “The match at Club Brugge is always a match we look forward to in Anderlecht. Our only ambition is to win there. We respect an opponent who can give a lot of quality and who are crowned champions, but hopefully it will be a match between two great teams. We want to radiate that.”

Our head of football sees Anderlecht standing or falling with the outgoing Golden Boot: ‘Rafailov is the dominant factor’

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