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Best visual tricks for your small town apartment

Best visual tricks for your small town apartment

The bustling city around you, the great smells of all those different restaurants and so many people around you: city life is great! Your city life naturally also includes your own “urban” area. Is this a great apartment, a nice room in a shared flat or a loft with a view of the city? You want to furnish it completely to your taste and this includes colors and optical tricks!

the little one is beautiful

Most city homes aren’t that big: just think of fancy studios or a cramped house. So think about your interior design to create the perfect sense of space. First of all, don’t buy too much or too big furniture for your home. For example, an elegant table or slender chairs and a chair with legs give a more spacious feel because you see more of the floor and this makes the room appear larger. If you have an older home, it is best to paint the baseboards, wall and ceiling moldings the same color as this creates height. Also avoid a dark roof as this gives a sense of heaviness. Finally, the best tip for creating a sense of openness is to have as few walls as possible. So consider a few stairs up to define a space like a sitting area, use a glass door between rooms or make a hole in the wall. The more you see, the more room feels.

color magic

The layout of the room is the first step, paint work The second step is because colors can also give you an optical illusion of space. For example, light colors such as white, beige and pastel are a good option for your small kitchen, because they visually enlarge the space. It is also best to choose one color in the room and stay within that color palette. Green tones can then appear in frames, plant pots, or photos, and blue tones can be seen in decorative earthenware pillows and pots. Green and blue are also good colors for small spaces because they provide a sense of harmony and calm.

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Before you start painting, it is best to find a local contractor who can help you with this. You also have a lot of options in big cities, like a painter in Ghent Or insider tips in Antwerp. They can help you make the best choice for your space.

Finish with warm accessories

To make white walls appear less clinical or sterile, you can combine white with earth tones like off-white, green, beige, or brown. For example, a wooden table, a colorful chair, a light green wall, or a thick white rug provide a cozy feel in your small space. Stay away from large patterns, but opt ​​for smaller prints for pillows or on wallpaper.

How do you furnish your small apartment in the city?