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Bethesda showcases Fallout 76’s 2022 roadmap with alien invasion coming spring – games – news

Bethesda has extensively revealed the changes Fallout 76 will bring in 2022. In the spring, Invaders From Beyond participates in the program. With this game world update, aliens appear in Appalachia.

In the new General Events and “Random Encounters (Type III)” players can face off against aliens, writes bethesda† The Invaders From Beyond update also gives players the opportunity to earn Points Points and marks the beginning of Season 8: Better Life Underground.

New public events will appear this summer with the Test Your Metal update. In it, players can compete against robots in arena battles. Also, the summer update adds upgrades to the Fallout 1st leaderboard and marks the start of Season 9.

The Already announced Set in the Pittsburgh game world in Fallout 3, it will be coming to Fallout 76 this fall under the banner of Expeditions: The Pitt. This expansion includes a new area with missions and npc‘s. Season 10 will also start after that.

With the Winter Update, the Nuka World Tour is coming into the game. Bethesda describes this as a traveling show, with new public events, a regional headline and the start of a new season. Bethesda has yet to announce exact updates release dates.

Fallout 76 Roadmap 2022
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